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I wish I was on the boat featured on the label sailing away into the sunset. I would pour myself a glass of wine and get lost in the waves of the ocean thinking about life. And with each sip, there would be an encouragement of epiphany eventually bringing my heart and mind together to make peace. All would be right with the world outside and the world within

Enough day dreaming, back to the vino!

I remember the first time I had Sauvignon Blanc, it was love at first sip. It was lush with hints of Guava, Passion Fruit and Grapefruit. Admittedly, it was more of the Guava aroma that made me swoon; making me remember all the exotic and delicious fruits I grew up eating as a child in my beautiful homeland of Guyana. This particular wine wasn’t as aromatic as I was hoping it would be. Slight citrus taste,  mild acidity, light and crisp; overall satisfying. Abv: 13.5%