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I enjoyed this wine as the summer night unfolded a much needed rain storm. What goes well with wine, rain and the night? Obviously, a black and white movie. For this particular occasion it was, “The Most Dangerous Game” featured on TCM paired with a bottle of 2012 Trimbach Riesling.


This is a cinematic tale of the hunter becoming the hunted where the main character is eventually humbled by his epiphany when he says, The animals I hunted; now I know how they felt… Creepy and Gothic factors in this film include the scheming Russian Count, a doorknocker that features a wounded beast holding its female victim, and a massive tapestry inside the Count’s castle with a brutal looking centaur in the jungle with its human prey.

I was moved by a line said in the beginning of the movie, as it reflects heavily on a number of wildlife concerns in the world today. I was thinking of the inconsistency of civilization. The beast of the jungle, killing just for his existence, is called savage. The man, killing just for sport, is called civilized. It’s a bit inconsistent, isn’t it?

Glassware: Downton Abbey Quote Wine Glasses

Wine: Trimbach Riesling 2012